Gas Vent Stocking Program
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Gas Vent Stocking Program

Gas Vent Stocking Program


  • We are stocking the premier brands of gas vents for Type B and UL-1738 Listed double wall products
  • AL29-4C or 316L stainless steel inner liner, 1” airspace insulation, and brushed 304 stainless steel out jacket.
  • Sizing and system routing must conform to chimney Installation Instructions, Appliance Manufacturer Installation Instructions, and NFPA-54. Detailed system assembly drawings shall be furnished by Precision Vent, Inc.

Precision Vent, Inc. will provide, at no cost, a venting system design and quote meeting all required local and national codes. Simply fill out the form below. If you have a sketch to include, print the results page and fax with your sketch to 678-461-3774.

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Most products are in stock for same day shipment when you order by 2:00pm EST!