Precision Vent Quality Seal

Chimney & Venting Accessories

Additional accessories can be incorporated into every chimney or vent design. Most accessories are required by manufacturer requirements, or to meet local and national codes.

  • Power Venters – for sidewall venting or when routing exceeds code lengths or manufacturers requirements.
  • Laundry Power Venters – fans specifically designed and listed for use with lint laden air. These are variable speed fans that can run at fixed or automatically varied speed.
  • Barometric Draft Regulators – required for fan assisted or forced draft appliances when specified by manufacturer or when draft may exceed manufacturer requirements.
  • Vent Hoods – side wall venting terminations.
  • Draft Inducers – for industrial applications when long horizontal runs or use in slightly negative pressure facilities.
  • Residential Kitchen Exhaust Fans – variable speed fans specifically designed for quietness and longevity. These fans can run at fixed speed or use a variable speed switch.
  • Gas Vent Dampers – improves appliance efficiency by not allowing residual heat and conditioned air to escape during off cycles.
  • Combustion Air Systems – provides adequate air for combustion when appliances are in confined spaces.
  • Pipe Insulation – used for single wall AL29-4C applications when flue extends through unheated spaces and reduced skin temperatures are needed.
  • Zero-Clearance Fire-Wrap – used for single wall grease ducts, insulation is field applied to obtain a zero-clearance chase assembly.

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