All Fuel

Precision Vent Quality Seal

All Fuel Chimney Systems, Type ‘HT’ Chimney


  • Tested and listed to UL103 ‘Standard for Factory-Built Chimneys for Residential Type and Building Heating Appliances’.
  • For venting of flue gases at a temperature not exceeding 1000ºF continuous, from gas, liquid, and solid fuel fired appliances and building heating appliances specified in NFPA 211.
  • Chimney system shall be sized by proven engineering methods to assure safe and efficient ventilation of flue gases. Detailed calculations and system assembly drawings must be submitted for approval.
  • Chimney shall be fiber insulated to maintain 2″ clearance to combustibles.

Economy Line – available in 5″ thru 16″ diameters. 430 stainless steel inner liner with galvanized steel outer jacket. 15-year manufacturers warranty.

Pro Line – available in 5″ thru 14″ diameters. 304 stainless steel inner liner with 430 stainless steel outer jacket. Limited Life-Time manufacturers warranty.

Commercial Line – available in 5″ thru 24″ diameters. 0.035″ thick 304 or 316 stainless inner liner with aluminized or stainless steel outer jacket. Liquid and gas-tight joints. Can be installed horizontally if mechanical draft is utilized.

We stock up to 16″ diameter, including hard-to-get items such as double wall smoke pipe, firestops, supports, and wall brackets. Diameters up to 24″ are available. PV provides detailed sizing and system assembly drawings conforming to ASHRAE guidelines, NFPA 211, and manufacturers’ requirements

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